We understand that offering an excellent benefits package can help us to attract and retain skilled, high-quality employees – YOU! 

Our goal in compiling these financial and health & wellbeing benefits, is to add value to your employment with PBS, to create a happy workforce, and to establish a strong dedicated team, crucial to our business success. 

…But we’re aware that with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work, it can be easy to forget what’s available to you. This page is set out to remind you of the components of your benefits package, and to encourage you to make the most of these opportunities.​​​​​​​

Your health and well-being is important to us.  Private health care aims to give you fast access to treatment, helping you get the specialist support you need so you can get back on track, doing what you love most, with those you love most.

t. 0345 600 2072

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Private health care is not available to Brand employees.

t. 0345 604 0623

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There are many services you can use, without Doctor referral:

​​​​​​​Doctor@Hand/Digital GP:

​​​​​​​Mental Health Concerns:

Musco-Skeletal: (muscle, bone & joint conditions)

A private GP service for online, video or telephone consultations (useful if offshore at the time or long wait to see GP). You need to register for this service in advance.

Telephone your health care provider’s member services number. (shown above). A call will be arranged with a mental health practitioner who will make a recommendation – this could be a referral to an approved therapist/counsellor, or for online CBT.

Telephone your health care provider’s member services number. (shown above). A call will be arranged with physiotherapist who will make a recommendation – this could be a referral to an appropriate specialist or a home exercise plan.

Open Referral:

​​​​​​​Dedicated Nurse Services:

​​​​​​​Health at Hand / Any-time Healthline:

​​​​​​​If your GP says you need specialist treatment (further investigation, operation etc.), tell them you have private healthcare and ask for an open referral. After seeing your GP, call  your health care provider’s member services number, to check that you are covered.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Self-referral for Cancer Concerns:​​​​​​​

Call your health care provider’s member services number.  They can then refer you to services without seeing a GP.

​​​​​​​If diagnosed with a heart condition or cancer, nurses are available for you.

Dedicated Heart Nurse: 0800 2182 303

Dedicated Cancer Nurse: 0800 1114 811

Only available for Ponticelli employees through AXA PPP. 

​​​​​​​Access to a medical team to talk about specific health worry from nurses, counsellors, midwives and pharmacists

Ponticelli employees call: 0800 003 004

Semco employees call: 0345 604 0537

Pensions & Retirement

Employees can increase their contribution to the Pension Schemes by two methods:

​​​​​​​Employee Contribution Change​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – You can request for your employee contributions to change to more than the default amount.  The request can be made at any time if it is as a result of a ‘lifestyle’ change, otherwise requests should be made during the annual ‘Benefits Window’ (March for Ponticelli and Semco) and will start from the next available payroll opportunity until you advise otherwise.

Brand and Semco employees should contact their payroll department to change their employee contribution.

Ponticelli employees should complete this form and return to their HR Advisor. 

Additional Voluntary Contributions – You can request to make ‘one-off’ additional contributions to your pension scheme. For Ponticelli and Semco, you can contact your payroll department to make the ‘one-off’ contribution, for Brand, you have to do this through the Pension Provider.

Scottish Widows

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Scottish Widows (salaried employees)

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Standard Life

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Take control of your future with the Scottish Widows Pension app.

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Employee Assistance

You can call the Employee Assistance Programme in complete confidence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with as many different issues as you need support for.

Each website provides useful information and resources which are worth taking a look at.

Service covers three areas of well-being…​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Who is eligible?  Members of an employee’s family in their household (spouse or partner and any brother, sister, parent, legal dependants (except children under the age of 16) who are living in the same household as you; and any children or legal dependants who do not live in your household, but are aged 16 to 21, living in the UK and in full-time education.

Bereavement & Probate Support – (only available for Semco employees through MetLife).  Helping with the emotional aspect of grieving, practical probate support (dealing with finances after a death, helping to manage the deceased death). The employee and one family member are eligible for up to 6 face-to-face counselling sessions a year.

t. 0800 072 7072

USERNAME: ponticelli

PASSWORD: supported

​​​​​​​t. 0800 980 6559

USERNAME: generaliuk

PASSWORD: generaliuk

t. 0800 012 1473



Cycle to Work

We have signed-up to participate in the UK Government’s Cycle to Work scheme.  Part of the UK Government’s Green Transport Plan, it aims to reduce environmental pollution, promote healthier lifestyles, and make cycling to work cost-effective by offering tax savings on bikes and cycling equipment. 

This scheme allows you to purchase a bike or bike safety equipment from your pre-tax and National Insurance salary, by entering into a hire agreement (over 1 year and to a maximum value of £1,000 or £1,500 for Brand employees) – making monthly payments through a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Please find a step-by-step guide to the application process here.

Use employer code PONTICELLIC2W (only available during your Benefits Window (normally March)).

Use employer code BRANDC2W (only available during your Benefits Window (normally mid-Nov to mid-Dec)).

Use employer code SEMCOC2W (available year-round, as no specific Benefits Window).

Your employing company HR Advisor can help with any questions you might have…

Life Insurance Benefits

If you die while in service with Ponticelli, Semco or Brand your beneficiaries will be paid 4 x your base salary.

You will have completed an Expression of Wish form on starting/transferring employment. If your circumstances change, please update these details. You can choose for the benefit to be paid to more than one person.

All forms are available from your HR Advisor…





Further Education

You can request for PBS support if you are undertaking a programme of further education which may enhance your personal development or will be relevant for your current or potential future position in the Company.

To apply for support, contact your HR Advisor to receive a Training Request Form.

Gym Membership

For Ponticelli & Semco employees:

The Hussle membership gives you access to most gyms around Aberdeen (both private & Council) & the UK – check out their website for details.

You can benefit from reduced gym membership costs of between 40% and 33% depending on whether you are a member of the Private Health Care. Your family members may also benefit from the reduced gym membership.

Further details can be obtained as follows:

PONTICELLI employees please visit the AXA HEALTHCARE site here.

SEMCO employees please visit the BUPA site here

If you have any questions regarding your Benefits Package, please contact your HR Advisor…