Operations Technician

This position is a multi-discipline technician reported to the production supervisor. This position is embedded within PBS organisation.

The job holder could work for the SITE activities in one of 3 main assets:

  • WOS (West of Shetland)
  • NNS (Alwyn, Dunbar and Gryphon)
  • CNS (Alisa, Culzean and Elgin)


·       Complete individual monthly timesheets
·       Carry out pre job safety meetings/toolbox talks

·       Prepare for and carry out risk assessments

·       Carry out pre job site checks including isolations

·       Participate in daily coordination meetings

·       Raise SAP notifications

·       Carry out pre-commissioning and commissioning checks

·       Acceptance of mod prior to “going live” including acceptance of construction close out pack

·       Provide input to the 6-week plan • Identify items for inclusion in the shutdown scope

·       Input into shutdown planning process

·       Perform routine watch keeping duties such as regular tours of the whole plant, machinery log recording; etc….

·       Monitoring of process and utility equipment and ensure optimised operation implementing adjustments under the direction of the Control Room Operators and Senior Operators.

·       Preparation of process and utility plant and equipment for routine shutdown and start-up.

·       Provide assistance with routine well testing and well intervention activities in accordance with COMPANY programmes and procedures.

·       Provide leak-testing skill and competence to assist with reinstatement of hydrocarbon and other systems following intrusive work.

·       Preparation and start-up of plant following emergency shutdowns including line-walk of plant as per COMPANY procedure for restart operations.

·       Performing First Line Maintenance tasks in accordance with procedures.

·       Organise and take necessary environmental records and measurements, e.g. Initial and routine Gas Test at work sites.

·       Ensure all hazards have been identified, conditions applied, and precautions put in before work is carried out under ISSOW, and that precautions are removed, and the site safely reinstated after the work has been completed.

·       Prepare ISSOW work permits for operational tasks as required.

·       Design Process Isolation Schemes as per COMPANY’S procedures, raise and populate ISSOW ICC and mark-up P&Ids.

·       Ensure that all ISSOW documentation is cross referenced to all interacting activities and that all concurrent activities are carried out safely.

·       Control and monitor LO/LC Valves, LTI’s, disturbed hydrocarbon lines register and monitor Downgraded Situations.

·       Comply with all Operating Procedures, Operating Change Records, and Standing Instructions.

·       Participate in Procedures and Instructions update as required. Identify improvements to procedures and instructions to ensure continuous improvement in safety and efficiency.

·       Carry out OPERATIONS planned maintenance routines within compliance and accurately record work history in SAP.

·       Stock management of Laboratory chemicals and re-ordering of chemicals as required.

·       Perform routine pigging operations for pipeline cleaning purposes and assist with other pigging operations as required by COMPANY and in accordance with company programmes and procedures

·       Assist with commissioning and start-up of new or modified facilities.

·       Develop competence to back-up MCR Operator status.

·       Carry out lab sampling, oil analysis, gas testing, oil, gas, water sampling.

·       Carry out lube oil sampling, temperature monitoring and collating data.

·       Defect recognition and tightening of glands.

·       Leak test flanges and adjust valve glands, greasing valves, Verify repairs by appropriate leak tests

·       Make up and disassemble Swagelok and other propriety fittings.

·       Participate as a member of the afterhours on call support team and respond to any request for technical assistance.

Context and Environment

PBS is a consortium of the companies PONTICELLI, BRAND and SEMCO dedicated to the TEPUK GMOC Contract.

This position is allocated to PONTICELLI or BRAND or SEMCO (depending to the discipline) In that way the job holder must be aligned to partner’s expectations and would be managed by a partner lead


Operates Production equipment and systems controlling.

Supporting the Offshore Process and Utility systems, Fire protection / extinguishing and appropriate Emergency Shutdown systems in a safe and competent manner.

  • Safeguards the availability and operating condition so that production targets are achieved
  • Works within the statutory Health and Safety Procedures and the Permit-to-Work system
  • Implementing planned and corrective maintenance on all production equipment offshore, in a safe and competent manner, to safeguard the availability and operating condition so that production targets can be achieved
  • Respond to out of hours call-outs as requested

Qualifications / Experience Required 

  • Professional Experience (years):  5 years
  • Experience in similar position (years):  5 years
  • Level / Diploma:
  • Languages: English
  • Training / Certification:   Manual Handling, be familiar with COSHH, PID reading, Permit work application
Required competencies (degree of mastery: 1: weak – 2: medium – 3: good – 4: excellent)
Technical competencies required1234Others1234
Oil & Gas Maintenance activities (Mechanical, E&I and AIC) experienceXAutonomous capacitiesX
Knowledge of offshore/terminal plant and equipment and maintenance systems.XCommunication skills, internal or external

Ability to relate well to colleagues and superiors

Oil & Gas Project construction activities Offshore (Mechanical, E&I and AIC) experienceXGood verbal and written communicationX
Level of Company expertise in mechanical/electrical or instrument disciplines with a knowledge of the other disciplinesXUnderstanding of how own role/activity impacts on the businessX

Apply for this role

If you would like to apply for this role you can do so by sending your CV to email@emailaddress

Please also request that your line manager submits an Authorisation for Internal Job Application form and submit it along with you CV.

  • WOS, NNS or CNS
  • Full Time Fixed Contract
  • 20th May 2021