Talk with HR...

There are numerous ways you can get in touch with HR, both PBS and your employing company, but to save you time, it is worth choosing the right contact to ensure you get the answers you need – first time.

For work specific questions

Check first with your immediate supervisor or manager, or with the GMOC Site Representative.

Please do not engage TotalEnergies managers for a PBS specific issue.  TotalEnergies will simply redirect your enquiry back to PBS, but this is likely to take longer than if you had simply made the enquiry to PBS in the first instance.

For general HR queries, contact your employing company HR advisor: 


Ponticelli                              – Claire Esposito

Semco                                  – Allie Darragh

Brand                                    – Hollie Davidson


Ponticelli                              – Michelle Thomson

Semco                                    – Catriona McKain

Brand – Hollie Davidson


Ponticelli                              – Kim Donald

Semco                                  – Catriona McKain

Brand                                    – Hollie Davidson


Ponticelli                              – Kim Donald

Semco                                    – Allie Darragh

Brand                                    – Hollie Davidson





For payroll queries

Contact your employing company payroll representative:

For general queries of wider interest

Contact your Employee Forum representative:



James Campbell, Constituency 1

Barry McDonald, Constituency 1 
Amanda Duncan/Sarah Duncan, Constituency 2 
Vicki La Fredo, Constituency 2
Constituency 1 – Asset Support, Eng & Constr, Maintenance, AIR
Constituency 2 – Business Services



NNSDunbarAlexander NeillPonticelli
 DunbarDavid SissonBrand
 AlwynSteven DonaldsonPonticelli
 AlwynVacancy/David SissonBrand
 AlwynTom SimpsonSemco
 GryphonShane NapierPonticelli
 GryphonVacancy/David SissonBrand
 GryphonBen MairSemco
CNSElginJames BannermanPonticelli
 ElginDonald MacDonaldBrand
 ElginAndrew SinclairSemco
 AilsaVacancy/John ForrestPonticelli
 AilsaColin PhilpSemco
 CulzeanJohn ForrestPonticelli
 CulzeanRobin Burn-deVriesSemco

If for any reason you are unable to gain an answer or have an issue you would like to discuss specifically with PBS HR, we will organise a call or chat with you at the earliest opportunity.

To arrange a suitable appointment…

Please complete the form below, indicating, if possible, the reason for your request – to allow some preparation for your questions – and letting HR know the best date(s), time(s) and method of coming back to you.